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2021.02.08 Others

News about “Expansion of Applicable Scope of Abolition of Seal-Stamping” in Procedures before JPO

Recently, regarding the “abolition of seal-stamping” in the procedures before the JPO, the applicable scope has been expanded to other procedures in addition to the procedure for exception to lack of novelty. The details are as follows:
Total procedures before the JPO : 797 types
Procedures still requiring seal-stamping : 33types
Procedures with expanded options : 74types
※This applies to procedures for which a signature or the like is required by treaties.
Procedures for which seal-stamping was abolished : 690types

(1) With respect to procedures still requiring seal-stamping

– List of documents still requiring seal-stamping
※Seal-stamping is continued in light of great potential damage caused by forgery.
(only in Japanese)
– Operation of the procedures for which a signature or the like is required by treaties. (Date of Enforcement: December 28, 2020)
[ 1 ]    Applications by means of signature (handwritten signature, image file printing, rubber-stamping, etc.) are acceptable in addition to conventional applications by means of seal-stamping.
[ 2 ]    In case of a company, a signature by a representative director as well as a signature by a person authorized to sign by a representative is acceptable.

(2) With respect to procedures for which seal-stamping was abolished

– New and old fee exemption systems
※Seal-stamping on the documents in the old system is no longer required for the documents filed in or after January 2021.
(only in Japanese)
(The forms will be updated later.)
– Guidelines for Formality Examination
※Revision was made regarding abolition of seal-stamping (as of December 28, 2020).
※Seal-stamping is basically no longer required when filing paper documents (Examples: Written Supplement, Report on Result of Consultation, etc.).
– Regarding revision of “Guidelines for Formality Examination”
(only in Japanese)
※Please refer to the Guidelines including some changes to documents requiring
seal-stamping, such as a deed of assignment for change of name.
– Guidelines for Formality Examination
(only in Japanese)
– Guidelines for Procedures of Application for Design Registration
※Revision was made regarding abolition of seal-stamping.
(only in Japanese)
– Guidelines for Interview
※Spaces for seal-stamping were abolished in Petitions and Powers of Attorney.
(only in Japanese)
(only in Japanese)
(only in Japanese)

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